Its been 2 years before it all started

I was sitting right here drinking coffee

and today i’m at the same place 

the lights went down and its dark

the clock struck three

and all i could do is remember those three

million memories running miles

i never wanted be the last leaf left out

but i was the last on the verge of drying

until i met them my saviours

I remember i queriedly asking them was there any spot for me

I still remember coming home and sobbing that its no good

until they pull me from my darkness

they made me laugh like a child

behave like lunatic, when everyone used to stare they would just behave more wierdly

i remember myself opening up to them

and when they stood up for me everything changed

i realised its them i have been waiting for all long

i cherish our stupid fights which broke us

but each broken piece of us joined to be a masterpiece

i realised i was possessive of not to let anyone hurt them

simply because they are MINE and i will never give back what is mine

even when i am tiered i take those silly pictures with them

even when i shout back at them i look from the corner of my eye

without my will they broke my fences and they were deep in

that’s where negativity arrived

when i found simple things hurt

when i regretted because of the back stabbings i heard

only to know i am not giving up without a fight

they were the alcohol to my fire

they are the missing pieces for the jix

we go out , we go together

we bunk, we go together

together we are strength no one break

and alone you can never make us break

i always wondered what could i ever return for all this

because they are angels in disguise

they don’t ask it out your happiness is there love

they are not just my best friends

they who believed in me when i dint

who taught me smile

and a story for life


– Dedicated to MINE



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perumandla rishika
Still studying!!..
Because imagination is better than reality!!!
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