Floating dreams

Floating dreams

Its feels like i’m floating 

nothing suffocating letting it all out

oh right…………….

rewinding back to 1 hour

this world is ruthless place

your my only ace

those days when you were beside me

you were my happiness key

when you left it was like a nightmare

and to relieve it i’m going to end it

i close my eyes breathing this air 

i look around consuming as much as i can

i look at my reflection in the water beneath me

it looks to sad , broken and makes me want to make it smile

securing all our memories 

i fulfill my all time wish and i fly high

the water it’s so clam just like me

and these ripples here are like you in my life

always with me but never with me

i let the air out of me giving bubbles life



it was all going to end 

for all and once

and then i feel a sting on my face

and i wake up from this awful dream

only to see my mother shouting on me

i dream this daily 

its the dream i have been living daily

but looking at my mother every morning

life gives me a warning 

this is what true love is idiot!



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perumandla rishika
Still studying!!..
Because imagination is better than reality!!!
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