Fat-shamed monster

Fat-shamed monster

The girl they called fat

It was 3 the alarm beeped.
The lock screen was a beautiful girl
Smiling from the deep
She walked to the mirror
A girl looked back at her with pale face
Her eyes smudged with tears trace
She was about 5.5
And yes she was fat
But atleast she was not a ruthless brat
Everyone pointed that she was fat
But she always kept the smile
Unlike those flats
She was a happy bird in her nest
Until she couldn’t bear the rest

People would no longer call her by her name
They would never recognise her kind heart
She was just a fun piece
Until she exsists to cease
Her friends betrayed her for her looks
And her only friends left were books
Her parents said she was a disgrace
Now she was left with no one to chase

That she now starves herself to death
That she no longer smiles
That she no longer trusts
She survided the battle
She lost 40 pounds

You know what else she lost???
She lost herself
And you created a ruthless monster!!..



I don’t own copyright for any of the above pictures!

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perumandla rishika
Still studying!!..
Because imagination is better than reality!!!
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