I Wish You Knew

I Wish You Knew

Walking in
Melodies and memories swept her away
Trying to blend in,
Her heart sank with each step….
Gifts and cards
Beautiful people, greeting with flowers…
But wedding bells and the stars above
Witnessed her lip gloss smile finally give up….

Everything around screamed happiness
But all it did to her heart
Was paint it with guiltiness….
Moving towards the stage
She was at war with herself.
Fate struck chords
She could never fathom….
Destiny played with her
So casually that everything easily shattered….

Brain processed, searched for lies
Finding excuses, for ruined mascara eyes….
With people applauding and cameras flashing
She marched, internally sobbing…
“No more daydreams….”
A sigh was released
Mixed with remorse and relief….

And there she was
In a wedding, she wished to be a part of…
Elegantly dressed
Pretence, working at its best…
Silently, she broke inside herself
Saying ‘Congratulations’ to her prince charming
And her best friend….

Pallavi Gupta.

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Pallavi Gupta

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