Change Right Here, Right Now.

Change Right Here, Right Now.

She had so much to say

But there was no one to hear

And no one to answer

The reason for her tears…..

She was shouting aloud

Amidst a deaf and dumb crowd

So she turned to God and asked, “Why?”

But as expected, there was no reply….


Countless tears had been shed

Dripping on cheeks that once blushed red

But now, had scars engraved on them…

But no more tears , cause now

There were hardly any left….


Her mother’s words kept echoing

“Darling, not everyone is as good as he seems..”

And a lost toy didn’t matter to her anymore

Cause she had seen happiness and innocence run away through the door…

That now,she is compelled to see

A monster in everyone she meets….

And her fate saw – hope, love and trust

Become just words for her to say 

Cause she knew, in this world

Her Cinderella will always stay in pain…..


People say,” Time can heal wounds as it flows.”

But it just can’t change the dark past

Through which one had to go…..


So breathing in reality

And discarding everything that seemed pretty

Once again,she tried walking on those streets

Feeling as safe as she used to feel…

Mocking her cruel destiny

And silently slapping the world’s integrity…..

Another girl began to fake smiles

And struggled to move on in her life….


But nothing can stop her or any other girl

From losing her smile..

No complaints and no revolts

But the change which has to start

Right here, in our souls……


Pallavi Gupta.

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Pallavi Gupta


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