Breaking Bonds

Breaking Bonds

Her breath, broke the silence

And gulped the last ray of hope

As she,still stood there

Where everything, pointed the same road….

Building bridges to the truth

Forgetting everything she knew

Wiping a trail of scars

Carved on her heart

There she was, peeping into the past..

Searching- a shoulder to lean on

Someone, to hold on….

Cursing her shallow heart

She could feel her world fall apart….

Losing herself to someone else

Telling secrets, she could never tell

With nothing, but tears to shed

A betrayed friend, questioned herself…..


Was it so simple after all?

Long drives, promises and malls

That choked friendship and love

With daggers, as weak as words…..

That knowing everything that seemed right

Matched unfolding a series of well kept lies….

That the solitude of her disappointment

The answers to her kindness

And the transparency of being cheated

Haunted every single word she had ever trusted……


Pallavi Gupta.



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Pallavi Gupta

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