When Memes Earn You Money. The Journey Of These Two Instagram Users Will Make You Ditch Your Average Jobs, No Offence.

When Memes Earn You Money. The Journey Of These Two Instagram Users Will Make You Ditch Your Average Jobs, No Offence.

When Memes Earn You Money. The Journey Of These Two Instagram Users Will Make You Ditch Your Average Jobs, No Offence!

Robert Frost once said, “Two roads diverged in a wood, and I, I took the one less traveled by, and that has made all the difference.”

Did you ever think that this statement is sarcastic? Even our ancestors had a great sense of humor and no doubt the era we are living in is full of sarcasm. We never step back in passing a sarcastic comment on our friends or trolling them over social media.

This witty language has already left a mark all over the world that it has become a sensation for the youth. Memes are a new definition of irony or sarcasm. It’s an image, video, piece of text etc., typically humorous in nature, that is copied and spread rapidly by internet users, often with slight variations. Expressing opinions with a sense of humor on social media has become a pop culture. Raj and Archit followed the trend and thought of making their own Instagram Pages.

Raj, born and brought up in Mumbai, currently pursuing BDS from Jodhpur. He gave his first try for an Instagram page when he was in 12th just for fun, but he never had the idea that even a troll page, BC Kutta can make some good amount of money to him. His first meme page was Indian Shit which now, has crossed 1.4 million followers. He not only adopted this culture but also thought to make it reach new heights.

Archit, born and brought up in Kota, currently pursuing Mechanical Engineering from VIT, Vellore. He also had the same plans alike Raj. While giving a shootout to different Instagram pages, by knowing each other through a random group of promotion, they both became friends and as their tuning matched they thought to take their friendship to business level and they worked together. Archit has also helped Raj to grow his page Indian Shit from 100K to 1.4 Million followers in 3 years. They used to create the content and graphics for it and now has hired two content writers for the same.

As the page reached 400K, they thought to produce the generic content as its time consuming to prepare a separate structure for every content. So they came up with another meme page jeejaji which was 100K at that particular time and now it has also crossed 1 Millon. They believe in savings and investing money and that’s the reason they hadn’t give a second thought while investing in jeejaji for 95K.

Their experience in this field and of course the social connections that they possess is the mantra for their success. Our two young admins are so fascinating and hardworking that even being a medical and nonmedical student respectively, both of them never leave any stone unturned when it comes to working for their pages and social growth by having all the real followers on their every page. Thus, making a turnover of 5-6 lakh per annum through these pages additionally, the amount they charge for daily promotions or shootouts they do for other pages. It’s surely not everyone’s cup of tea to have such a good amount of money in their bank accounts at this tender age.

As of now, they are writing contents for the bestseller startup page of covers in south India knows as coveritup.  The icing on the cake, they also write content and promotional stuff for another meme page rofl_india_ which is also one of the fastest growing pages on Instagram. Recently they acquired factbytes page that has 200K followers for 1.1K. They purchase these pages, raise them with the help of their exposure and social connections to resell them at much higher value. This is the business strategy these two young talents have developed.

They both have many new ideas to implement and they are working really hard for them while managing their studies on the other hand. Their parents were too surprised by their capabilities and inspired by the skills they manage their page. They are the proud parents of two budding souls, who flaunt their kinds in front of relatives and friends.

A message from Raj and Archit to the young ones to choose a field they are good at and for their parents to support and trust the capabilities of their child.

Jodies like Raj and Archit are very rare to find. We wish them good fortunes in their future endeavors.

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