We people are already aware of what is happening in our country. There might be hundreds of articles exclaiming the same issue. I think targeting such thing and repeating what you people already know is beating around the bush. So here I am here to divert your mind in that particular direction that nobody has raised till now.

We support rape!


I might sound like a hypocrite here, but yes we are responsible for the things happening today. Our silence has always been the root cause for this. The irony of India is that when the rapists were not caught there were thousands of people who were protesting against them, involved in the candle march and were accusing the judiciary. Now, when the judiciary did take an action against the rapist, we have Lakhs supporting the evil mind wearing sanctity.

Delhi rape

The same incident took place a few years back where the rapist was supported and people expostulate for him. With no offense, in the ‘Rape Capital’, where at one side we were once protesting for the victim while on the other we didn’t even join our hands to cover that naked body.

Didn’t their souls roar at that time? Her friend was seeking help and giving his best efforts even when he, himself was stuck in that unfortunate situation. And people at the same time were being immoral, frightened to be involved in the case.

This is 21st century people, not those ancient times where we followed our honest and pious saints blindly and undoubtedly. But, supporting and following these beliefs in the 21st century is more or less like digging your own grave. How can you imagine a person who states himself as a Messenger of God and does such an evil act?


I surely do agree that what he has done is wrong, wrong is such a small word for it. He is a devil who ruined and is eating his own tribe. But, I must say the power he holds within is all because of his devotees. Or shall I call them followers who are going to walk on the same path someday? A man cannot do anything without power and the power is always directly proportional to the number of devotees. He is walking like an open bull so his disciples are causing the destruction.

What is the mistake of that innocent girl who has been raped?  She has lost everything she had. There is a saying girl’s dignity is concerned with her virginity. Why such an old belief like this exists in our country? What would she do now? Will society accept her? Oh my God! These questions are hindering me from inside and blocking my mind. How is the victim dealing with such a situation? We people, sitting at our homes and seeing what is being displayed on our television screens, can’t even imagine the situation she is in. It is easier to give sympathy but difficult to show empathy, being in that situation and dealing with the society. And, the worst part is; a society that is supporting the devil.

But yes didn’t I tell you in the beginning?

We support rape, proudly.


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