Top 10 common relationship issues

Top 10 common relationship issues

Top 10 common relationship issues

Relationships make us strong, makes us believe in love and as said by our forefathers it’s always easy to utter the things but it’s difficult to confront them. The Same phenomenon fits our relationships, it’s easier to fall in love while slightly difficult to maintain the one.

Spending your whole life, sticking to the same person, growing old together, having the understanding about the differences and to take an adventurous ride with that special one. Doesn’t it sounds like the perfect relationship ever, right??


But, nothing is perfect and not always everything goes with the flow or according to our wish and thus, there are problems in every relationship which test the bond between the partners and the ones who cross these obstacles in their journey, leads to the beautiful destination ahead and they are the couples people always admire.

Here are the top 10 common relationship issues which act as obstacles in your journey.

Mark the ones you are dealing with and try to make your destination beautiful while cherishing the rides in between.


  1. When priority pops up between them and leads to lack of communication.

Communication always plays the key role in every relationship and with this top issue, other problems also arise in your journey. It often leads to misunderstanding, fights, arguments, stress, and whatnot. So the first and easy way to make a smooth journey together is to start communicating.


  1. When the smell of jealousy overpowers the beautiful essence of love.

Who in this world doesn’t need attention, so how can love be left behind? Your partners always want that attention when you people are in crowds. We always want to top their priority list.

So grab a special moment for your special one to make them feel wanted.


  1. When the patience of your love race against time and manages to keep the things intact.

It’s always not necessary that when you are free your partner is also available for you, they might be stuck with very important stuff.                                                                                                                                     Communicating is the key role as said but it should not act like a burden for you two. Everyone loves to spend some quality time together with special ones, try to manage your schedules and get some time for each other.


  1. When the words don’t hold any values and promise lack trust.

Have you ever thought why some people occupy the special places in your heart? Why are they so important for you? What is so special about them?

The answer to all these questions is ‘trust’, we trust them with the secrets, sorrows, happiness we shared with them and the love they shower in the form of protection to us. Without trust, the relation is just like a heart that doesn’t pump blood.


  1. When the concept of two bodies one soul come into the picture and snatches away the personal space a person has in his/her life.

How irritating is that, when someone bothers you at each and every moment. Your partner also has his/her own friends and family which they love spending time with and poking them always is a big ‘NO’ in every relation. Giving your partner their personal space is something very vital.



  1. It is the door of the heart the one should open up first before dumping down the secrets enclosed inside it.

Relations last longer when you are best friends first and lovers later. Hiding things from your partners which you think might hurt them is a bad option. Open up with each other as friends so that these circumstances never arise in your relationship.

  1. When people with different polarities meet and realize that opposites don’t attract anymore.

Having a different lifestyle can also be the cause for your regular fights and arguments. If one of you is a party animal while other love to spend their weekend being cozy in their blankets, this can create a problem. Both of you must have the mutual understanding about the differences.


  1. When your principles and beliefs conflict your ego starts reflecting out

Ego can be a killer for any relationship. You must keep your ego side when dealing with your loved ones. Not messaging or calling them first even when you desperately want to talk to them or after a fight, you don’t try to communicate with them first.


  1. When your hearts are connected but both of you fails to fill the physical emptiness between you.

When there is a lack of interest in intimacy the person might feel like you are no more attracted to them the way you were before, they start feeling dejected.

Some have the fear of closeness might be because they have never received that kind of love before or owing to the previous experiences.

  1. Repetition of words in a sentence makes it sound dull, repetition is equal to boredom.

Talking about the same things or doing something regularly brings boredom in a relationship. Try to be creative with your partner and enjoy the journey.

Hope the list you have after marking the issues your relationship is going through is smaller one and try to solve each one of them with the help of your partner to make your destination a beautiful one.

Keep smiling and loving!

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Palak arora
Writer within, optimistic.

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