Things you should know about India’s first ever meme competition.

Things you should know about India’s first ever meme competition.

Things you should know about India’s first ever meme competition.

In this age of the Internet where every other second person with a smartphone has an opinion, expressing via creating memes has become a pop culture. And as a media house, ‘Writm’ is all set to launch India’s 1st ever ‘Meme Contest’  where everyone gets to express their funny bone sides.

In case, you don’t know what Meme is?

  • The meme is an image, video, piece of text, etc., typically humorous in nature that is copied and spread rapidly by Internet users, often with slight variations.

Organizers of the contest.

  • The whole event will be organized by ‘Writm’ and sponsored by ‘Great Wall On Internet’. The person who bags the 1st position will be awarded a cash prize of Rs 10,000. Apart from the winner, top 5 runner-ups will also be awarded goodies worth $15 from Great Wall. On top of that, any person with the maximum number of quality memes will also have an opportunity to bag a Contract of Rs. 1 Lakh for future meme making endeavors. It is indeed a win-win situation for many people.


The topic for the contest.

  • Since it’s the Great Wall that is backing the whole event, ‘Writm’ is indeed taking this crazy idea to the seventh sky and have decided to make Great Wall On Internet as the TOPIC of their Meme War Competition. Yes, you read that right. Troll the ones funding this competition because that’s the beauty of these humorous investors, truly understanding what memes are all about. The nature of Memes can be positive or negative.

Why should you take part in this competition?

  • Event organizer ‘Writm’ does appreciate flexible creativity and that’s the reason why participants may also create memes on any other topic of their choice along with creating memes on Great Wall On Internet (One mandatory entry).
  • Memes are the smartest way to express emotions without causing many casualties near you. However, it has been defamed to be just a past time for jobless people. But with this Meme War Competition, ‘Writm’ is all set to give it another definition. We are in search of the best meme creator in India. Are you the one?


Rules of the Contest:-

  • Contents in the meme should not include any nudity.
  • #GreatWallOnInternet must be included in the caption.
  • Posts available on Instagram, Musically, Facebook, Pinterest, and Twitter will only be eligible.
  • All entries made from 20th April till 30th April will be only valid.
  • Meme includes jokes, troll images, troll videos, troll audios.
  • If two memes of the same content are uploaded by different parties, the one uploaded earlier will be considered as a valid entry.
  • The winner will be decided solely on the basis of quality and NOT on the basis of ‘likes’ and ‘shares’.
  • Multiple entries are allowed on various topics. However, every participant must create a meme on ‘GreatWallOnInternet’ in the first place.
  • In case of any copyright violation, plagiarism, discrepancy or dispute between participants, Quaff Private Media Limited holds the final right to disqualify the participant.
  • The contract offer is subject to T&C*. Quaff Private Media Limited will hold the final decision to give the contract or not. Likes, share, views etc will not be a criterion for the contract.
  • For any further information. You can contact us at and .


About The Company

  • Writm

Writm is a Social Community of Writers and Readers to express and share their views and opinions on all possible subjects. Publishing made Simple.

  • (Great Wall On Internet)

GWOI is a marketing campaign that sells ‘bricks’ (a virtual hoarding space) to brands and individuals at a reasonable rate of 54 Paise/Day.


What basically the idea is all about?

  • The idea is simple: To create a historic “Great Wall On Internet”. This wall will consist of 100*100 bricks. When you buy any amount of bricks, you can then display an image/ad/logo of your choice in the space you have purchased. You can also have the image click through to your own website. The bricks you buy will be displayed on the homepage permanently. Using some of the money we make from the site, we guarantee to keep it online for at least 5 years, but hopefully much longer. We want it to become a kind of internet time capsule. So, in the long run, we believe the pixels will offer good value. You will have a piece of Internet history!

For further details:

Details of Meme Contest

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