The Angel

The Angel

Are you okay?
I asked myself
I thought of an answer
And I heard something,
Yes, you are!
But suddenly my heart thumped
No, you are not!
From there my mind was in a dilemma.

Knock! Knock!
“Who’s there?”, The puzzled mind asked
“Me, anxiety
Dilemma gave birth to me “
“What do you want?”
“A solution to every problem”
“Sorry, but I don’t have one”

Knock! Knock!
“Who’s there”, The mind asked again
“This time it’s stress,
Unanswered questions dragged me here”
“How can I help you?”
“I want everything to stop for a while”
“But that’s impossible”

Knock! Knock!
“Huh!! Who’s there now?”, My mind yelled
“Depression smiled
Hopelessness and I are a treat together”
“What do you need? “
“Motivation to have a fresh start from anonymous”
“But no one is around”, the mind sighed.

Knock! knock!
“Who’s there”, The mind frowned
“Loneliness arrived
I have left everyone behind “
“What do you want now? “
“I.. I want solace “
My mind stood up
Splashes were heard
No one cared
And in the end the mind murmured
‘I Quit’

And then
The soul was free,
Placidness was felt
I could hear those useless rumours
My society was accusing me
And I from my deathbed was screaming the truth
The weary mind had planned my murder
But I was no more audible to them
The secret was buried with me.

Knock! knock!
The sound came again
But not for me this time.
I saw someone having the same altercation
I went closer to her and told her to ponder
She resisted and looked back
Yes you must listen to the signs
She became clueless
I warned her not to “Quit” And to ask for help
As the only thing I never did.
“I want you to face the battle unlike me”.
She sighed and penned all of it down in a letter
Asking for help, listening to her heart
And designating me as ‘The Angel’.

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Palak arora
Writer within, optimistic.

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