From strangers to best friends,
From individuality to the incredible bond,
We united by our soul.

The above few lines I would like to dedicate to my soulmate before I start narrating our story.

It was 2005 when we first met, in our second home, our school. We were in 3rd standard seated on our respected seats allotted by our then class teacher. As we studied in a convent school, it was a rule or I can say a punishment for all of us at that time to be seated with the opposite gender so that we wouldn’t talk much and discipline would be maintained.

It was recess time and all of us ran outside to have lunch. I used to be a shy kind of girl and was sitting with my cousin at the corner of the playground having my lunch silently. That time we had our first eye contact while she was playing with other classmates. She came to me and asked to join them, but I denied and went back to my classroom.

Few days passed, but she never stopped asking me to join her while playing and always inspired me in one way or the other. One day I finally accepted her request and started playing with them. A different version of me was born that day, I found the new me.

As the days continued we started sharing things, from our lunch box to the gossips we heard from somewhere. We became the talkative ones in our class who were always scolded by the teachers. Due to the nuisance, we created, our class teacher parted us by assigning seats at the opposite ends. But there was no stopping to our mischiefs and as soon as the teacher went outside the class we again began talking.

Years down the lane and our friendship blossomed with every upcoming year. The time came when I drowned myself while she was the one who uplifted me. In 2010 when I lost my mom, she was the one who stood beside me, holding me tight at every step. She cared like a friend, scolded like my mom, teased me like a sister and loved me like there was no one else. She was a constant support in my life and she still is. A pillar who shielded me from all the problems.

In school, our friendship got so popular even among teachers, that they used to enhance our friendship by saying, “These girls will always be there for each other, no matter whatever the circumstances are.”
An altercation took place between us and we stopped talking to each other. And that was the time when the whole class got to know about our quarrel while we both cried as hell and they gathered to unite us back.

April 2012 had begun and so does our new session in 10th standard. We didn’t have smartphones with us back then and were in a habit of texting a lot of messages. We both knew that we have to work hard to score well in board examination. So, we motivated each other in every possible way. As school picnic was one of our favourite activity. We were always excited about it and that year we had witnessed the best picnic ever.

The time came when we had to depart our ways as she was interested in table tennis and wanted to pursue it further. She had to shift to another school where she would get all the opportunities she needed. I was shattered by hearing this news as my best friend who was there at every second of my school life was no longer going to be a part of it. I was insecure imagining about her new friends already in my head and didn’t want to let her go as the bond we shared was unimaginable to be described in words. We had known each other for so many years and shared every bit of our life from talking about our fantasies to the heart breaking tales, constituting all our secrets. But, I couldn’t stop her to follow her dreams as I knew how important they were for her. So I regained my senses and bid her farewell with a breaking heart.

She joined the new school and I was stuck at the same old place. The place which was fascinating to me had become dull. I felt like there was no one to hear about those stupid talks and had gone forever. But, it was due to the bond we shared we remained connected even after her departure. We were the ones waiting to go home to discuss our day and talk endlessly about random stuff.

2 years passed, it was time to have a new beginning leaving back those school days and joining the new college. We were already departed and knew how it felt, but we came out as stronger individuals and as amazing buddies. “No matter what happens, we live together or distant apart we will always be there for each other” we promised while holding hands.

It has been 12 years since we have maintained that dignity of our friendship. We don’t talk daily but when we do we make sure we tell each other every minute detail of our lives. We still have that spark alive in our friendship and I wish it to be there forever. There are hundreds of differences between us but we have the better understanding about them that united our souls. She taught me what friendship is, how we can love and care for someone in a long distance, how we must value the relations we are in. I have found my soul mate in my best friend and I feel to be the luckiest one.

P.s: I love you Muskan to the moon and back.

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Palak arora
Writer within, optimistic.

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