A love story that touched souls

A love story that touched souls

A love story that touched souls 

I still remember the day we met 

Shared that unknown bond for the very first time

Slowly we became friends and the bond is about to get set

Chatting with you became my favourite pass time


The friendship become stronger with every passing cloud

Then the wait was over and magical words were spoken 

My heart skip the beat and I accepted the proposal

Since that day, I never lost the curve of my face


Your first touch gave me those goosebumps

Then, the time came when we were  apart

And the journey of long distance started

The conversations grew longer and nights became shorter


Something unexpected happened and we broke up

I thought we had the same souls,

But all I thought was completely wrong

I wanted to fly with him forever but my wings were already cut, making me flutter like a bird

He has already gone but taught me what all love is about

With every passing day I miss him more, the moments we shared are not with me anymore..

And I still love him with all my heart…

But he is so busy in his new world that all the  memories have vanished from his heart that we created from the very start…

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Palak arora
Writer within, optimistic.


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