A Letter to my 15 year old self

A Letter to my 15 year old self

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Hi Dear,

So, before you freak out this is me from the future, or I should say you from the future. You must be aware of the times when I felt so lonely and desperately needed somebody by my side to hold hands and show me the way. To guide me through the road I had already chosen. And to travel along with those melancholic thoughts which always revolved around my mind just like Saturn around its own axis.
Don’t panic as you’ve been the brave girl and I couldn’t be more proud. As you will go down the line you will realise you are your best friend. And here I am your best friend (A person I was always looking for!) to help you with certain things that nobody told me.
1. Be yourself
Being the way you are is a magnificent achievement. Don’t let other people snatch away the beautiful curve your face beholds. Those people are not worthy enough to be in your life and steal your eternal happiness.
2. Marks are just numbers
It might shock/surprise you but yes, you heard me right. I am not discouraging you from doing well but I’m trying to encourage you to give your 200% and attain the success you deserve. Will you do me a favour, please go take up a dance class, will you?
3. Chase your passion
I know you might be thinking what mom and dad will think about you after telling them that you love dancing more than anything else in this world. They will always support you, my little princess, don’t be afraid of them they are the superheroes in real life.
4. It’s okay to like someone who doesn’t like you back
Don’t worry about your friends, what they will think about you. If they are the real ones they will stick by your side no matter what you do. And yes there will be hundreds of people chasing you in future and then you will be the one rejecting them for one reason or another. But please don’t rush into things and fall for the one who truly deserves you. Until then, go out and get yourself your favourite ice cream.
5. Outer appearance is just an illusion
You must have been admiring your favourite TV. Stars, their looks, how they flaunt themselves to everyone out there. But listen to me what actually matters is your inner beauty and not the outer one. So don’t get worried about the acne, not eating your favourite stuff just because you will get fat. It’s just holy shit that you will understand later for sure.
6. Never ever underestimate yourself
The power a person hold within himself/herself is the strongest and therefore, you must believe in yourself. Never give that power to anyone else to play with your emotions, to control your mind and then to shatter you into pieces. Promise me you will never give your string to anyone.
7. All is well
Everything that happens in our life is always for a good reason. You might find that reason a little later but there is one always. So never loose hopes and live your life to the fullest.

Lots of love,

Yours truly.

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Palak arora
Writer within, optimistic.

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