A memory of you

A memory of you

It whispers,
Like a sweet song
Sung on nights of despair,
When the wind is frigid as ever
And the dark holds many,

It lingers,
Like the smell of burnt cigarettes
And spilled ink on creaseless papers
Of bottles yet to be emptied,
And things yet to be

It echoes,
Into the darkest dungeon
We once called home,
Like thunderstorms
That uproot us yet,
Never carry us

It glares,
As the night passes by,
As I breathe into the dark
With my demons sitting

It whispers
And I

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Oshin Rawat
I lose myself, a little
In words more than in the silence between two,
I find myself there,
A little by little too.✒


  1. Randhir Kaur

    Oh..beautiful it is…words are so vivid that I read it thrice..pleasure to read. Keep inking. Wishes.

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