Enjoying Summertime

Enjoying Summertime

The grass so green and the sun so bright,                                                 Life seems like a dream with no worries in sight.
Longer days and shorter nights,
Lighter shades and brighter lights.
Louder music and wilder friends,
No need for pencils, no need for pens!

Tans and tank tops with laughter and bliss,
Each moment passes without even a miss
Friends and cookouts, memories and laughs,
Good times these are to remember,
but how long will it last?

It’s not just the sun, it’s the memories,
The fun, the love and the leaves that sway in the warm summer breeze.
It’s not just the places,
It’s the journey with smiling faces.

It’s not just summer,
It’s the memories that last.
It’s the vacation with friends and reminiscing vivid pasts.
Everybody’s happy, everybody is fine,
You already know it’s summertime!

Make these days the time of your life,
And make the nights just as right.
This time only comes once a year,
So live it up and don’t have any fears.

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Oindri Kundu
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