The wedding day.

The wedding day.

It was then when I had gone to attend a wedding. You know, weddings are fun when you have your cousins bumping around you. You all enjoy together clicking pictures and telling each other who looks better. It’s fun when you reach each food stall together and rate the quality of food even when you enjoy it. Dressing up all good, meeting all the family members and being a part of the actual wedding thing when it’s really someone close who’s getting married but what when it’s someone not so close. When you have to attend wedding of someone you don’t know and probably they don’t even know you too! Then, it is all about food and sitting at one place staring people.
Since you love food so you don’t get bored until that but when you’re full and you have still time to leave for home, you’re bored! Recently I went to a wedding of obviously someone I didn’t know. I had gone there with my parents and my sister, due to her board examination she was at home (probably still not studying). Since she wasn’t there, it was really very tough for me to attend that wedding. My mother and father had met their friends after a long time so I didn’t find it necessary to Disturb all the happy faces. So I went to a table and sat there, busy in phone. I was not alone at that table. There was one very old lady, simply dressed sitting beside. I didn’t even notice her for the early ten minutes. After a few minutes, when I noticed her, I saw that she was constantly staring at me and was smiling. Then she looked at my plate. I thought that she might be hungry and since her bones didn’t allow her to move much, I should get some for her. I asked her “aunty, should I get something for you?” her smile grew like anything and in reverse she asked “So now you remember me. I was thinking since so long that how can you forget me. But now I’m happy that you recognized me” I actually didn’t, but I couldn’t tell her that. I didn’t want that smiley face and glitter in eyes to vanish, so I went with the flow.
She came near me and put her wrinkled hand over my head and leaned forward to kiss me. The very next second I saw her, she had tears rolling down her eyes. I thought it will be heartbreaking to tell her that I’ve not recognized her still so I held her hand tight. I asked her first, if she had something or if she wants to have something. She told me that her daughter in law was supposed to bring dinner but she has not arrived yet. So I told her to wait, I went to the food section and got her whatever she asked for. It looked as if all she wanted in her old age was good food and someone to talk!
I sat near her for about an hour. We talked a lot. She said she saw me last when I was in twelfth so I told her about my current college and career planning. She told me a lot about her experience with life, people, career and everything. While I was listening to her, it looked as if she had been a good listener for all these years and now wanted to speak. So without speaking much, I went on listening and listening.
We talked about almost everything and she shared some memories that she had with me, about which neither I remember nor have ever heard from any elder! Time passed and all this while I was as happy as her to have a companion in that wedding.
Interrupting our talk, arrived an uncle. He met her with great love and affection. He said he was sorry that his daughter “Aarushi” didn’t meet her yet.
This lady with great surprise told that man ” are you blind, Aarushi is sitting beside me since an hour! She got me food and we talked so much. She is so loving, she didn’t move even for a second and was with me all the time”
That man looked at me with a surprise and told her that I was not AARUSHI.
That was the time when I took a breath of relief knowing which I couldn’t remember her. It wasn’t me about whom she was thinking all this while! She looked at me with a surprise and then she laughed out loud. I was happy seeing her laugh.

Soon my parents called me to move back to home, it was the time I’ve been waiting for since the start of the wedding but I didn’t want to actually go.
That man thanked me for taking care of her and making her feel comfortable. I smiled and moved with my parents.
On my way back, I thought
Sometimes it is not important to actually have relations between two people. A look full of love and a companion is enough, even if it is a stranger!

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Nupur Dhawan
Writer by heart, trying to spread my thoughts through words.


  1. U hv the capacity to make some one in tears with ur writing.Actually u go with reality n sentimental writing.God bless u.
    Waiting for a humorous stairs from u

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