The mathematical story Part- I

The mathematical story Part- I
  • This summer doesn’t seem like before. Yes, everything changes every second. I’m not someone I was a year back. I can be happy for this and can be sad too. But what do you call that numb feeling for have lost someone who wasn’t in your daily routine but still holds a major place in your heart. Because you know whatever you’re, it’s majorly because of him, what do you call that feel which makes you realize that THAT PERSON is no more this summer, who made all your summers cool and winters warm.
    I don’t know if generally people have interest in reading a story about someone moving to heaven but I write this here because I think this can be one way to keep that God like person immortal.
    As it is said that God cannot be everywhere so he had sent his angels down the earth. And I, was lucky enough to find him, my mentor, my guide, my teacher, my sir.
    He was my teacher, my maths teacher. That teacher who never treated me less than his own daughter. He had some different kind of confidence in me, that made me whatever I am and whatever I will be.
    It was back in 2015, when my mother went along with me to collect my 10th class mid term results. Every mother thinks her child to be the best and mine, thought I was the best of bests. She smiled all through my report card but stopped near maths. I was just pass in maths. At that time, I used to hate maths like every other kid. She never really bothered about Marks that much, she always wanted us to gain knowledge, which obviously she could see, I didn’t have in maths. She asked me if I have problems in Tuition classes but I refused.
    She saw my constant progress in my declining interest, knowledge and marks in maths. She thought it was high time I should change my tuition because it was January, I had opted for BOARD EXAMINATION (I had the option of school board tho but I had to look smart).
    Time passed, my parents  searched for some better tuition options but Noone was actually ready to take a child under them and start fresh in the end time .
    I was just pass in mid terms and was too scared to attend the pre boards. Every second person can relate with me because maths in evil for all. Only some people with amazing superpower loved maths and I would’ve been placed at the last in the maths-loving list.
    It was the time of Lohri, our festival of hundred percent enjoyment and I had forgotten about boards for that one night. But, my mother didn’t.
    I went to my bua’s place along with my family, and there near by,  lived sir.
    Anshu sir, my maths teacher, my guide. He was papa’s childhood friend, very close to him.
    My parents discussed  if Anshu sir could teach me maths for boards but papa wasn’t sure too because it was January.
    Mummy called Anshu sir to have a word with him…
    (To be continued in the next part…)
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Nupur Dhawan
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