Justice for Asifa

Justice for Asifa

 And the time has come where finally we reverse

From humanity, in this century

cruelty is what we rehearse!

“Humans from animals” was the last stage I read

But do humans really put like this

A girl on the death bed?

That’s not what a human does

A monster does that, right

How must that eight year old be feeling

When in the temple, she had to fight. 

The bells of the temple

Were too high that day

Couldn’t hear what all

 she had to say

And today when she’s gone

She was taken to the temple

Where goddess is worshiped you see

Worst was already done to her

What more could it be?

Ask those closed eyes

That do not open today

The heart that was full of joy

Where heartbeats refuse play.

That child who had a happy life

Until she was stuck

With animals dressed as human

How bad was her luck!

The eyes kept crying

The body kept trying

The hands went numb

And finally, the mouth went dumb

She raised her pitch till she could shout

She tried her best to move out

But the torture of the cruel men

Had won that night 

And her resting soul had to take

That day, a heavenly flight. 

“What wrong did I ever do

To have got this life fate” 

The brutally destroyed body asks 

Of the child who was just eight!!

It’s not about the religion

Gender isn’t the matter here

Behind the bars victims should reside

 And this time, the temple perceives the prayer!

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Nupur Dhawan
Writer by heart, trying to spread my thoughts through words.


  1. अत्यंत मर्मस्पर्शी विवरण
    अति सुंदर !!

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