An innocent soul.

An innocent soul.

  The night was dark again
But, alone I’m standing today
Without you, all by myself
Beneath the sky, I lay.
Flashbacks of the initials
Hits hard my mind
Thrown aside in the streets full of man,
Only you to me were kind.
When I went on a hunger strike
You always and always stood beside,
And the days when God blessed us with food
To give each other more, we tried.
The days when I was supposed to be sad
You never let me be
Those times turned to be happy at once,
When you walked with me.
And then came the day,
We both wished for long
But “You have to lose something to gain another”
The saying came along.
It was the choice I had to make
Probably, was my biggest mistake.
To chose the Wish or to chose YOU
What I was doing, I wish I knew.
Late at night, I walked and walked
Thanking about the game
And with a strong heart I went
Went on the path of fame.
I moved on, I left your there
Your innocent eyes were looking at me
But I didn’t care.
You said nothing then,
And just went that day
Never looked back at me
You went that far away.
And now I stand here
With OUR dreams you see
I can find everything here
But my happiness, is not with me.
Beneath the sky, in the grass I lay
Thinking why didn’t I make you stay?
On our spot today when I stand.
NOONE runs to me to lick my hand.
Grab me all and wag the tail
Trust me my little friend,
Without you everything is a fail!
Streets are same and same is the place
But nothing is like the good old days.
Your eyes looking for my support,
That face can’t leave my heart
And ready to switch the wish again
I wish to never let go my innocent soul apart.

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Nupur Dhawan
Writer by heart, trying to spread my thoughts through words.


  1. Aww :'( you might be missing Oscar so much :(((
    This write up is amazing❤

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