A walk

A walk

The night was dark,
And I came back low
Tensed of all the hectic schedule
What to do I didn’t know.
The wind did blow
But it wasn’t like before
The coffee refused to help that day
And my music chose to ignore
I wanted my self to cheer up
But there was nothing I could do
Thought, A Walk may help this time
So I stood and stepped in the shoe
Didn’t carry my all time distraction this time
I kept my phone aside,
To realise the reality of world I went
And to see what eyes hide
Few steps from the gate I see
A street light with a bright spark
Below which a child was studying
The night for him wasn’t dark
I moved further and saw a begging hand
The man had glittering eyes
Didn’t want his child to sleep empty stomach
He begged for a bowl of rice
Then I saw a man jumping out of a car
Who looked fit but was not,
A rod in leg wasn’t easy to deal
It wasn’t what I thought!
In front of me was an old lady
Who was older than she seemed to be
But her joints didn’t give up till date you see,
“Fruits? ” she asked looking at me
She successfully amazed my mind
And I spinned a dream
The other side of road, breaks my focus
When I hear the children scream
The skinny boy holds shabbily dressed girl
And also a shoe-less boy
They have a thousand reasons to be sad I know
But didn’t  chose to sacrifice their joy!
As I hold my footsteps there
Terminating my walk in half
I think why in spite of having everything
I refuse to laugh
They challenge the life to make ’em cry
And laugh when it fails
In spite of all the problems it throws
Their positivity prevails.
The unsatisfied mind that went out
Was calm and happy you see
“A walk” was needed to realise the fact
That you can always be happy

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Nupur Dhawan
Writer by heart, trying to spread my thoughts through words.


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