A letter from home

A letter from home

All the red drops that we shed,
All my brothers, I see on the death bed
Everyday we fight, things that scare life
We stand here rock like, for you to survive.
The red view around
No more breaks our bold
Tears may reach our eyes but mind you,
Within the eyes they hold
Never we let them roll down
But what when we get ” a paper from town”
Far away from home we receive
Something that our eyes refuse to believe
And in the chilling cold,
When things are supposed to freeze
You’ll see a cold heart’s melting release!
My mother writes to me she’s fine
She’s lying, I understand
Knowing her son is fighting their
With the enemies of their land!
And she attaches a picture of my baby girl
OH she has grown up big.
Last time she held my hand tight with her fingers
Like a bird swirls the twig
MY beloved tells me to take care there,
She’s happy and I shouldn’t care
Trying to fool me , she forgets to correct
The words that her tears had spread
MY father pens down his thoughts
“I enjoy my morning walks,
But with you it’s great fun”
Anyway, I’m proud of you my son!
And my son says ” dad you enjoy?
They say you can have fun.
You get canteen and medical free
And also the railway concession!”
How bad I wish to tell
The truth of my life, my child
Not everything is as well as it looks
It’s all differently styled.
We stand here with heads high
Only ’cause we know
The flame that ignites in front of our pictures
Will make your house glow!!
And with all these words
Tears refuse to hold within
NO matter how hard we try
Then the siron rings to remind
The promise I did to my mother
When I decide to leave her behind
And walked to serve the other.
I kissed my fingers and rolled over the picture
Hoping for their better
Cap is on and so is the duty
Till I wait for another letter!!

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Nupur Dhawan
Writer by heart, trying to spread my thoughts through words.


  1. Heart-touching…at the same time, the reality is heartbreaking! The emotional family connection is beautifully expressed! LOVELY!! I must say, u have such a nice sensible level of understanding of feelings!

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