The Prince Of Darkness

The Prince Of Darkness

He hardly speaks to anyone

And his silence is nicely done


He hides his likes, loves, needs

None are aware of all his deeds


His simplicity confuses some

Lazy thinkers say he’s dumb


He looks as if perpetually sad

A mark of the times he’s had


Acquaintances  think he is cool

Yet, his mind isn’t under his rule


It wanders aimlessly in dark alleys

Emotions up hills, down valleys


Negative to the point of harm

Right behind a veneer of calm


 Smiles barely disguise defeatism

Perceptions show a deep schism


Hearty laughs never lasting long

Hiding an endless gloomy song


Can something let in the sun?

Or will it have to be someone?


Alluring but at what cost?

Is the charm worth a life lost?



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Nitin Menon
An O.Henry fan (The Last Leaf, The Gift of the Magi).

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