Shiva and Parvati’s fantabulous courtship

Shiva and Parvati’s fantabulous courtship

Tarkasura was a powerful demon

Can’t be killed by humans or Gods

A son by Shiva was the chosen one

Shiva must re-marry against all odds


Then King Himavat and Queen Menaka got

A girl, which led to kingdom-wide thrills

Chose the name Parvati, after some thought

Know that Parvati stood for “Of the hills”


Parvati was a fun and obedient child

She grew to develop into a real beauty

And drove plenty of single princes wild

But unknown to her, she had a special duty


She never digged the attention she received

She preferred praying to Lord Shiva, over play

Later, when asked the dream mate she conceived

She named a name that led to family in disarray


“Lord Shiva”, said Parvati , blushing

“Goodness, That Guy.”, exclaimed Himavat

“Before, about him, you start gushing”

“Darling, Know that he is a certified nut”


“I am not going to marry anyone but him”

Said the lady and angrily walked away

That led to a mood, contagiously grim

All wondered who’ll turn the atmosphere gay


“Narayana Narayana”, In comes Narada

He is a genius yet trouble making sage

Always close to a hit in the face, this brotha

His meddling has often made the gods rage


“Parvati, go to Shiva and ask to be his assistant”

“Help him collect flowers and do his Prayers”

“Tell Him you are a devotee. Don’t be hesitant”

“You can win him over. Forget the nay-sayers”


Father Himavat took Parvati to Shankar

Shiva opened his eyes to see Parvati in front

Said,” Yes I need some help. Let it be her”

But , by her beauty he wasn’t the least stunned


Then, in stepped Indra, The King God

Said to Kamadeva, God of Lust and Love

“ You need to go, make Shiva feel awed”

“All of us will be watching from above”


The Kamaraja accepted his duty, saying

“Hope he doesn’t become mighty enraged”

So while Shankar was soundly meditating

Kama sent an arrow, after he properly gauged


Shiva felt a small jerk, opened his eyes

“Shambo Mahadeva”, cried out Shankar

Never before had he seen a gal so nice

For a brief period he was attracted to her


Then he thought this is horrible lust

My purpose is conquering the mind

In anger, He burned Kamadeva to dust

Kama’s wife’s grief, No words she could find


Shiva turns to Parvati, Tells her to go away

She is heavily disappointed but won’t give up

Says Narada, “Devotion’s the way if you stay”

Agrees Parvati, No more manipulative stuff


Through extreme heat and cold she meditated

Enough to make Heaven shake in danger

The Gods ran to Shiva, said, ” Ensure it abated ”

Shiva said, “Stop it, Parvati. You’re my partner”


Pardon me for making the poem hip

Pardon me for making the poem gory

Thus ends the Shiva-Parvati courtship

The ultimate inspirational love story

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Nitin Menon
An O.Henry fan (The Last Leaf, The Gift of the Magi).

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