Lorenzo’s Parents

Lorenzo’s Parents

Courage is not limited to soldiers
Common people all over show it too
Place challenges on their shoulders
Lots of them rise to carry it through
Lorenzo’s guardians seem ordinary
Yet, they are in the hall of fame
Why? What for? You would query
Lorenzo’s oil. Remember this name?
Lorenzo was a lively, bright young boy
Born to Augusto and Michaela Odone
But they were soon stripped of their joy
Due his faulty genes from mother alone
It started with tantrums, hearing loss
Seizures and difficulties in walking
Tests showed brain damage all across
Caused by a brain enzyme in lacking
The prognosis is bad, said doctors
It’s incurable and fatal, this disease
It’s under study, so still no answers
Show me the research, Augusto pleads
Augusto studies the papers on his own
He meets scientists to discuss and question
He gets interesting ideas working alone
A cure for his lad becomes his mission
This incurable illness had a name, ALD
With no medics having true expertise
Yet, he finds one who may hold a key
A man researching new diets for leads
Together they create a natural mix
That works like the absent enzymes
It’s named Lorenzo’s oil, this fix
It works for many kids, many times
Lorenzo was given two years to live
Yet reached thirty before passing away
And his brave parents didn’t grieve
They studied it more for a better way
Lorenzo’s parents won their battle
They may not have lost the big war
This ailment turns young lives brittle
In helping such souls, the oil goes far
The duo gave the child, a life livable
They strive and persist until the end
So, loving your parents is admirable
And parents who love are a godsend


Lorenzo’s oil (What is it?)

Lorenzo’s Oil  (Movie)


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Nitin Menon
An O.Henry fan (The Last Leaf, The Gift of the Magi).

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