Triumph Of True Love

Triumph Of True Love

As she left everything behind,

In a new town,she was searching for life

That is when he walked in with his beautiful eyes and childish grin

He came to her and gently smiled

Afraid,she took a step back and ran away

But the strange feelings were scaring her soul

Her heart was leaping, wanting to be in his arms

She earlier refrained but finally gave in.

He became her world,her reason for smile,

He was her everything all the time…….

And when she let herself to fall in love,

He came to her and said,

“Don’t love me it will bring you pain”.

She was broken,her heart shattered,

But it was too late for her to give up.

She held his hand and pulled him closer

Said that I will hold you tighter and together

We will walk on this road fighting our enemies and giving each other strength

She loved him unconditionally

She knew her love will change his heart.

And one day he held her hand back and even tighter

And said,”Don’t you dare leave me.

I want to be the reason of all your smiles”.

She could not hold back her tears….

Afterall today her love won and her fears died!!!



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Nikita Johrie

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