Sons of Anarchy

Sons of Anarchy

“Hezbollah is not a state. They are a you know, supposed political party that happens to be armed”- George W Bush
The 26th of March, 2016 was a normal, sane day for the rest of the world but it was rather enigmatic day for the Arab League as it was deciding on condemning the Hezbollah groups of Lebanon as a “terrorist organization”. For those of you who are wondering what the Hezbollah group is, the Reporter is presenting you with a short story for better understanding of this puzzle.
Imagine you (Lebanon) are the head of a family. In this big family, two of your children start fighting over a toy. This seems like a small problem at first, but the quarrel grows bigger and bloodier with time. This internal tussle started to become louder every year and eventually the neighbours (Palestinian Liberation Organization and Israel) start inquiring about your troubles. You eventually want this to get over and you seek help from them. Slowly, one neighbor (Israel) pushes the other out claiming that he can solve this problem on his own. This two-faced neighbor slowly starts living in your house! You panic and you turn to an old friend of yours (Iran) and ask help from him. This old friend trains your younger sons (Hezbollah) to kick the uninvited neighbor out of your house. The sons do their deed but they take a step back and look at the bloodshed in their family. Millions of lives lost and rivers of crimson flowing through the cracks of the nation. Seeing this , the enraged sons declared themselves against these foreign intruders who according to them spoil their pure motherland. With renewed vigor and bloodlust, they set out to block out anyone who even slightly threatened their nation’s sovereignty .These sons recruited likeminded youth , trained them in acts of destruction and created a military force which is second largest in the nation right now. Now this may seem simple to the reader as from what they have read above, Hezbollah may seem to them as the guardian of Lebanon, but that isn’t the case. The Hezbollah group employs extreme measures to destroy its enemies. When the love for one’s culture goes above a certain point, patriotism becomes a drug and he becomes an addict. He starts to constantly engage in acts of war to prove his patriotism and gets an emotional high out of it and this signals the birth a highly contagious word called – rebel.
The Hezbollah is highly popular among the Shia sect of Lebanon. It operates a TV channel, a radio station and uses these publicly to encourage people to fight for their cause. Now coming to the part where the Reporter called this an enigmatic situation. The Arab League recently passed a resolution to recognize Hezbollah as a “terrorist organization”. Lebanon, Syria, Iraq and Algeria rejected the move. Lebanon had internal reasons, Syria rejected this as the Hezbollah group backed Bashar Al-Assad government but when Algeria voted against this, it  was on the risk of being cornered in the AL. Algeria stated that it saw Hezbollah as a resistance movement and not a terrorist organization. It supported its stand stating the Israel-Lebanon conflicts of 1985. The Hezbollah group is lauded for its efforts in protecting Lebanon but on the other side, it is criticized for the extreme measures it takes. It is said to have one of the world’s best spy services and it boasts of having infiltrated to top ranks in the Israeli Army. A minor percentage of people in Lebanon claim that Hezbollah uses its resistance movement as a mask to cover its ulterior motives. Being loyal to Iran and spreading the Shia’s power in the Middle East are the ulterior motives according to these complainers.
In this scenario the blame cannot be put entirely on any one character which led to the creation of this radical and patriotic giant. One cannot clearly say if the Hezbollah is the David or the Goliath in the Middle East, because it varies from country to country. This radical group has tickled the right nerves in the average Lebanese citizen which has given it enough popularity and support that it now has a seat in the Lebanese parliament.
The Reporter feels that this meteoric rise of this group is due to the pain faced by the Shia sect earlier during Israeli occupation and the civil war which impregnated the nation with this humongous baby, who loved its mother too much, too much that it started to suck blood out of her. Forged out of agony and hatred, these sons will never stop fighting but it is possible to educate them to embrace peaceful ways. They crawled out of their mother’s womb during anarchy but it doesn’t mean they believe in it. When approached in a right way, any problem, even enraged sons of anarchy can be pacified.
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Nichi Ren
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