Reasons Why We Love The Wizarding World

Reasons Why We Love The Wizarding World

The Harry Potter series has been a part of every child’s life. We grew up reading them and we read them even today. And don’t even dare telling a Potterhead that these books are meant for children, because we have a list of reasons why Harry Potter is like our Bible. And even though all of it is a fantasy, let me tell you why we Potterheads are crazy about these books..


Friendship. : The golden trio was all about friendship. They stuck together even when the going got tough. They found the horcruxes together, and even when they had fights they got over it and stuck together.

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The Past makes you strong : It depicted how a boy like harry potter who had suffered gravely at the hands of fate could go one to be the savior. Harry’s parents died when he was just one year old. He was ill-treated by his uncle and aunt for years. Yet he went on to save the entire wizarding world. 

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Thank the Lord it wasn’t a love triangle : We Potterheads thank god every single day for not making the golden trio a love triangle. Imagine how clichéd and boring that would have been. 

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The women were depicted as powerful and important characters : Hermione. Ginny. Mrs Weasley. Luna. If you start naming the powerful female characters of the story, the list is never going to end. The girls were portrayed as strong and independent, who many a times saved the men. 

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In his own twisted way Snape showed that love doesn’t always mean staying together : Snape become the eternal symbol of one sided unrequited love, when it was revealed that Snape had loved Lily and protected Harry over the years for her. Though his rude nature and arrogance were a blemish on his character, his love can not be questioned. 



James’ love for Lily : Both James and Snape had loved Lily. When Lily rejected both, Snape became bitter but James corrected himself. He stopped being the self obsessed person he was and changed for Lily. Surely shows that love conquers all. 

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The protagonists had human flaws : Harry got jealous, Hermoine got irritating at times. Ron was mostly like a common teenager who didn’t have a care in the world. They weren’t the perfect heros who did no wrong. They made mistakes and learnt from them as any other normal kid. 

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Death of a leader doesn’t end a battle: Even after dumbledore died his followers rose up to the challenge and continued the war. It is the purpose that keeps the wars going. And as long as you are fighting for the right reasons, a leader will emerge from the masses and keep the war going. 

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JK Rownling’s Brilliant Creativity : Even though it was a totally unreal world, the author depicted it with such creativity that one could imagine it fully and nothing about the charms, potions and flying brooms seemed weird.

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If you haven’t read the series, I hope I was able to persuade some of you to get your copy of the books. Here’s to all that Harry Potter has taught us. We are what we are today because of these books. Keep reading! 

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