The Dream

The Dream

Today I saw a wonderful dream,
Happiness was there, everyone was gleam;

I was in a white pretty dress,
Wearing tiara of beautiful spring cress’;

Lots of flowers were there,
Swinging in cool breeze’ flare;

The gust of wind was so chilly,
I shivered like one white lily;

There were swings across the grassland,
Children were enjoying as if it was wonderland;

Astonished me stepped aligned,
Leaving everyone far behind;

Had come to a lovely place,
That had an angelic solace;

Stood there for an hour,
Cherishing resplendence of superpower;

Suddenly chain of myriad thoughts was broken,
Happened to hear a mesmerizing sound beautifully woven;

I hurriedly rushed towards it,
Never in my worst dream wanted to miss a bit;

Amidst long lashes of green grass,
Someone was playing piano with utmost caress;

With each note he played,                 Every cord within me was pursuaded;

I slowly went towards him,
Trying hardest of not letting him catch my glim;

The music flowed ceaselessly,
Doing magic to me surreptitiously;

I was so drowned in the magical rhyme,
That I unknowingly started to hymn;

The harmony increased like whirlwind,
I started dancing as I was unbind;

All of a sudden, the music stopped,
I opened eyes with dreams shattered;

Winds were now calm,
As if they were singing a psalm;

In spite of the environment was poised,
Contented yet incontented me felt void;

The music was now disappeared,
Giving me a new way sheered..!!

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naina talegaonker
Who am I? I am still searching!
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