Bubble Burst

Bubble Burst
A small child squeals and laughs along,
As the flowers bloom in the sun
The birds all sing a joyous song
As the dawn has well begun.
The white clouds float in the sky so bright
And wind is in the trees
The fountains gurgle with delight
And my soul feels so much at ease.
In this mystical, magical nature’s song
Nothing was or could go wrong
I felt I belonged to this great wide world
Where only grace and beauty is unfurled.
But this bubble of happiness alas! Was burst
To see the dreadful demons cursed
Draining the life blood of my planet earth
And robbing her of all she was worth.
The birds and beasts scream out with fear
Mother earth is heading towards disaster
But the greedy demons just wont hear
Their deathly smiles just wish ’twerefaster.
They know the way to slowly strangle her
And steal from her, her beaitiful glow
The teak and the poplar, the pine and the fir
Are felled and grounded on the dust so low.
To see her suffer a million ills
Like the black oil spills that choke her seas
My weakling heart with terror fills
To see, to hear, to feel all these.
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Musharraf Sheikh
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