Some Real Weird Addictions!!!

Some Real Weird Addictions!!!

If you find your addiction for kerosene smell or chalk eating or thumb sucking is freaky, let me show you some really crazy and strange addiction. Addiction is not only alcoholism or drug abuse, but it can be like some which can shake you off your seat. One making to the top nowadays is the woman who loves to drink blood. Well, we found female Edward (Twilight Saga)!!

Let’s see how different addictions can exceed the limit of bizarreness

Ice chewing (Pagophagia)         

Pagophagia is the condition where there is craving for food having least nutritional value. This chewy habit shows a deficiency of iron in the blood. This addiction may lead to obsessive-compulsive disorder. This weird addiction mainly is observed in the age group of 15 to 20.

Hair pulling (Trichotillomania)

Ever got a strong urge to actually pull your hair like it is in the idiom? 11 million on average, around the world, is getting this intense urge at this moment and are addicted to pulling hair from the scalp or the eyelashes or eyebrows. In fact, many of them also have the habit of chewing their hair. This addiction triggers when you are anxious or tensed and is difficult to control that trigger. Hair pulling can be extreme that it may result in bald spots.

Tanning (Tanorexia)

The study says more than 50% beach lovers are addicted to tanning. Tanning raises the risk of cancer, you get it from the beach or indoor tanning booths. When our skin is exposed to ultraviolet rays boosts secretion of endorphins, which lifts your mood.

Dirt eating (Geophagia)

There are people from the slums of Haiti who prepare the dirt pies mixed with water and eat it daily. Strangest addiction, isn’t it? But yes Haiti is the living witness that this type of addiction actually exists.  This desire for dirt can be due to deficiency of iron, zinc, calcium or malnutrition or psychological disorder. Obsessive dirt eater may end up suffering from lead poisoning or parasitosis.

Detergent munching

This addiction can be a real risk if the detergent is consumed in excess. As we know detergent is full of toxic components like corrosive acids and bleaches. Many of these ingredients stick to the stomach and cause various digestive complications. There is a 19-year-old teenager who is greatly fond of detergent munching.

Teeth whitening

Desires for perfect appearance is a craze since a long time and that’s where teeth whitening came from. Having bright shiny white teeth is a nice thing but the extreme of this addiction can lead to gum bleeding and tooth sensitivity. In fact, people spent billions on the teeth whitening treatment and products.

Glass biting (Hyalophagia)

One of the old addictions, these addicts not only enjoy glass but also the attention they attract due to that. In fact, a youngster enjoys his glass or champagne more that the content in that glass. It is said he has chowed down about 100 glasses and 250 light bulbs in past four years. This addiction causes internal injuries for known reasons and also gastrointestinal issues.


If thirty-minute exercise a day is difficult for you to me, this addiction seems impossible, right? But then ‘runner’s high’ term wouldn’t even exist if it didn’t feel great. There are many people who make exercise their ultimate goal at the cost of their family, work and impact their health.  This addiction arises when you are obsessed with weight loss or body building. They workout alone, give a miss to the work for exercise, despite the injury they exercise and puts a major strain on the body. This addiction is common among the college students. The withdrawal symptoms mainly are nausea and dizziness.

Stealing (Kleptomania)

This addiction is just like drug addiction as these both are controlled by the mind. They feel a rush when they steal something and if they avoid stealing urge, the urge turns worse.  They have a hard time admitting it, in spite of being ashamed of this addiction they cannot stop it. Indeed this costly addiction can put a bad side of you for family, friends and of course police!

So which do you think is the weirdest addiction? Do you know any strange addiction than these?

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