Being Single: Best phase or Miserable phase

Being Single: Best phase or Miserable phase

In our society, there is a constant pressure to follow the path of relationships and marriage. But what about us, who are singles? Reasons for being single are that we are still looking for somebody with whom we can spend out life anybody or having other priorities like career, family, money or not wanting to be committed and the list goes on.  For some being single sound awful and for some awesome, right?  Well I see both “Oh, Yeahs” and “Oh, Craps” of being single

Here’s why it can be the BEST phase

  • You can do what you want..!!

 Independence is the first priority for many of us. You can be a free bird, being single and not being tied down to one person. You have the freedom to decide your finances. You don’t have to seek permission. Most importantly you don’t have to compromise. Yes, we can be in the relationship where there is no obligation but sometimes we cannot do what we want to.

  • All your savings are yours!!

No anniversary gifts and no Valentine’s dinner. You can do savings as much you want. Like you can save more for one month and save less in another month, according to your monthly expenses and comfort.  And imagine you can tick off all on your wish list. You can indeed plan for your dream Europe tour or new apartment.

  • No trouble in your paradise…

There’s no jealousy, complaints, and interrogations. You can stay focused and don’t have to worry about your partner being late or watching too much cricket or …. fill in the blank. Your life is way more peaceful, being single.

  • Your time, your plans!!!!

You have a chance to focus on work, education and pamper yourself. You can explore new things like scuba diving or painting. You can spend that time how you want to spend by just reading books or gardening or relaxing. There is no stress of boyfriend.

And here’s why it can be the MISERABLE phase

  • No helping hand!!

Sometimes it is annoying to do everything by yourself no matter how drunk or tired or sick you are. There is no one to guide you. You have to replace your roof after the storm, all by yourself. It is difficult to deal with these little things when you don’t have someone you can ask to do.

  • No romance other than those love songs in your playlist….

It is so bliss to hear the romantic track with the one with whom you have a romantic connection but when it’s not the case it feels terrible. You might be close to family and friends but then there is someone who loves you with all their heart. When you are in a relationship you always know that someone is really in love with you.

  • Loneliness or left out are common feelings..!!

And sometimes we badly need someone to cuddle or to argue or to share our achievements and sorrows with. And moreover, when all your friends are either in a relationship or married, it gets tougher. Eventually, you feel like a third wheel or pushed aside.

  • Lack of equilibrium with other relationships!

How much ever you try to balance your other relationship, when you are committed, it is difficult. Unquestionably, your partner is your priority and thus there less time left for managing your other relationships.  And as a result, this may lead to misunderstanding and stress.

Like every situation, being single also as its share of upsides and downsides. No matter where you are right now, please don’t try to rush. Just go with the flow and let things happen, surely you are going to be happy.

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Mithila Mhatre
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