The Universe lies inside you,
All you have to do is see through.
You are beautiful in every inch of your skin,
And the bizarre thoughts that you think.

Your eyes search for Friends but thrive on Food,
People cite that you are no good.
You never belonged to the pesky earthly troop,
You cling to your phone and prefer reading Chicken Soup.

The way you hold your head high in formidable circumstances,
Is as infectious as your Smile.
All your holy Scars add on to your charm,
Even when you fought the battle unarmed.

People around you are keepers,
And ones who lost you are weepers.
No lyrics could describe you,
An unwritten song that could give The Devil his due.

You detest what life did to you,
But you are a Masterpiece that needs no acknowledgement and that is the truth.

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Meghna Shetty
I love reading. Books govern my meek earthly existence and are the much needed food for my soul. When i am not reading, I am munching on the fast food found in the universe.


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