Feel Better Love

Feel Better Love

You are a poem that I breathe,
A forfeited Beethoven’s Symphony.
The lines on your palm,
Reminds me of the Unforgiving storm in the calm.

Your eyes are the Stairway to Heaven,
Your nakedness beckoned to me,
A forlorn love that annihilated you and your innocence,
And also set your smile free.

Your hair reminds me of Infinite possibilities,
A sultry renegade in disguise.
You are my delectable Midnight Muse,
A pill for my recurring Blues.
Your fiery Soul encapsulates me,
In a way that I bleed love without a cut so deep.
You are the prayer I whisper,
As your absence leaves my heart calloused and blistered.

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Meghna Shetty
I love reading. Books govern my meek earthly existence and are the much needed food for my soul. When i am not reading, I am munching on the fast food found in the universe.


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