As I sat with sad a face,

She entered the room.

She signaled me to get up.

I did not respond.

She walked in, sat near me.

Her eyes filled with care.

Her face filled witg charm.

I felt familiar with her.

She gave me an angry look then.

But still,

Her eyes gave me hope.

Hope that no one else could give

In the past two years.

There was something magical

In the way she looked at me.

I felt comfortable.


Since the time my love failed,

I had never been so glad till today.

 She pulled my hand and took me out of the classroom.

I felt as if someone pulled me out of my dark world.

Her smile healed my wound.

Her voice refreshed me.

Who was she?

She was my Sunshine.

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Megha Suresh
Writing refreshes me. I write to express. Whatever I feel, I pen it down. :)
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