elapsed time!!

Yelling and shouting over the time that has passed by,

Have negligible significance when looked at the whole situation throughout our life.

Don’t you agree with the fact that we must focus on what is about to come next on our way and not think about the passed events?


Elapsed time frame is never going to come back again.

Whatever you’ve missed is all gone in vein.


Every cloud has a silver lining.

And every dark colour has it’s contrasting glowing colour.

Is it not enough to encourage you to think optimistically?


Living the lives that many dream of already is not a joke.

Though there is a scope of improvement always, can’t we try to do that instead of sobbing over everything we don’t have?


Can we bring some change by changing ourselves first?

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Megha Suresh
Writing refreshes me. I write to express. Whatever I feel, I pen it down. :)

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