Love story of two cities

Love story of two cities


We are not humans
we are cities
and unlike living ones,
we are connected by roads & air
which,can never be unfair 

I lead to u
u lead to me 
& hence we maintain , 
the perfect harmony
so what if we ain't living
million lives reside in us,
billion dreams flourish here

We've loved each other
so madly,
that any place after you
will have to go through me
and only me
when i get wet in rains u are notified instantly by the breeze and that
smell of soil
& hence we are more connected
than humans
who have learnt
only to spoil
Feelings may change but roads don't feel hearts do break which ends the zeal But a damaged road, still leads
to it's destination
& thereby, a road
never insults the love's equation.
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Mansi Srivastava


  1. I read your poem
    The words in the poem nailed it
    Beautiful poem. Keep it up
    Miss. Mansi

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