“Waiting for the Dawn to Come”

“Waiting for the Dawn to Come”

Life! An amazing journey, wonderful gift, a blessing… These are those words which are defined by people for the untravelled journey yet to be travelled.

Life, it has its sweetness and its darkside too but no one knows   what an individual stumbles upon. Life of girls isn’t easy as a whole, it has many of its darkside.This poem is one of an example to express darkside what a girl faces althrough her life and here it goes,

“Waiting For A Dawn To Come”

Its too difficult to define life of a girl, Which is full of criticism in this painful world;                                                 
She passes her life in caring for others,                                                Fully devoted ,but no one bothers;

She spends her teens in thinking about her family,
Genial enough but bounded by rules of others;

Now she starts her early new life,
With whom she had never seen nor thought of his kind.

Had anyone thought about her feeling,her emotions without giving rise to this early new world??

All this happens but she remains quiet,
As she is surrounded by world’s rule live;

She never says, she never compel,
Being introvert in this world like hell

Why this only happens to a girl
Why does she only suffer
Why does she face the darkside
And in return we except she should’nt utter???


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Mansi Bhateja
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