We all have that one person in our life except our blood relations who is most special. We are so close to that person that each time we move away from her/him we start to get that sinking feeling deep inside our heart. Have u ever imagined a life without that person? Yes,we all have faced break ups and those weeks in which we are away from our companion. But what about those families,friends,lovers, wives of a SAILOR ? 

Mariners spend more than half of their lives in sea. Fencing their land with life threatning journeys,tears of departures and a warm smile on their face. 

If we talk about those sailors what first misconceptions comes to our mind is “oh! Voi na jo 6 months land par aur 6 months sea me rehte h”, “Ghoomne k paise milte h inhe to”. It is so easy for each one of us to comment on those lives but trust me it is not everyone’s cup of tea.

Living in life threatening enviroment, surrounded by unknowns, starvations, fear of lives of old parents and sibling, tears of departures, scary nights and a belief to live more in those fearing tornadoes. 

Hardtimes faced by a sailor and his lover isn’t easier to describe in words. Heart attacks of departures and sufferings caused by lonliness are taken by both, though apart but binding them so close.


Here is a poem which tries to describe a feeling of a mariner’s lover and it goes this way;

   “My Mariner”

Nothing can describe my feelings for you                                                 Neither those tears nor the pain ,

Each time you are far i am sinking down apart                                            As soon as i see you my heart skips a beat ,

Thinking of the time you are gone      That n then i feel so alone ,

I want you all the time           Whether working or sleeping at night ,

I dont know till when i am alive       One thing i am sure i want u to be mine ,

I wish i could hold you forever         But the necessity of departures is what stops me ever ,

I still couldn’t express what is going down inside                                        Just know i am gonna love u althrough my life.


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Mansi Bhateja
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