Each one of us have a fear. Living in the world of fear keeps us gloomy all the time. One wants to overcome it but they cant as the sinking fear always overleads them. 

The below poem is one of an illustration of “fear of lonliness”. We are all time surrounded by companions. Did any among you have ever thought the phase of being alone? For many faces it is a normal phenomenon but did you ever thought what is a state of person who fears of solitute?

But how did the fear of solitute arise? What does a person feels in such situation? Is there any specific reason behind ? 

For all these unanswered questions there is a poem and here it goes;


The state of being unaccompanied Makes me feel in vain ,

Recalling all the gloomy past        Terrifies me to cry again ,

Escaping from the feeling of solitute I start to hunt unusual work ,    

Scribbling words or uncommon talks  Are only left to give a jerk ,    

This absurdness is keeping me calm   Yet will give a wicked return ,

This feeling of escape is killing me deep inside                                          Will i overcome it or be left with it aside?


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Mansi Bhateja
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  1. Don Bosco

    lovely words….” Recalling all the gloomy past Terrifies me to cry again ”

    thank you….keep going 🙂


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