“Can I see your ID please?” Many of us have faced this question once in our lives while entering a pub or a club, thinking ‘Why is this necessary?’, ‘Don’t I look 21?’. Controlling your ego you show your ID anyway otherwise you’ll be denied entry. Well it’s not your fault if you look young or forgot your ID at home (or you are actually 18 trying to look 21). The authorities have to be strict. A recent study shows that, each year, approximately 5000 young people under the age of 21 die as a result of underage drinking; This includes about 1900 deaths from road accidents, 1600 as a result of homicides, 300 from suicide, as well as 100 from injuries such as falls, burns and drowning.

It’s almost saddening to know that the young adults give so much importance to alcohol and not to their health or life, but this is the 21st century youth, they are the rule breakers and the impatient ones. So how can we expect them to wait till the legal age to drink? By the time you are 21, you are almost a graduate, you start going out late at night and the movies and books have made drinking a lifestyle trend. Some young people don’t even like to drink and end up puking, swearing not to drink again, but forget because everyone around them is doing the same thing.

A recent study also tells that young people who start drinking early can even end up taking drugs. The Parents are clueless and feel their child can never do wrong, but the youth is clue less too. They are clue less of what more they can do with their lives; Like going on a trek with friends, Campaign Nights, flying kites, learning new skills such as, learning a language or maybe even baking or driving. Not only this, they are even clueless about the physical, mental and social harm they are doing to themselves. Alcohol destroys the purpose of life and it has become a leading health problem in the country.

Ways to identify if your child or friend is involved in underage drinking:-
– Smell of alcohol in breath and mouth
– Irritated Behavior
– Poor performance in school
– Having a ‘nothing matters’ attitude
– Slurred Speech
– Lacking involvement in former interest
– Rebelling against the basic family rules

Ways to prevent Underage Drinking:

– Don’t be afraid to say NO to Alcohol.
– Talk about the problem if you are having problems in leaving the habit. Your family, friends, teacher
or a close one can help.
– Be more active in school/college, e more regular, get to know people in class and participate in
activities and events
– Get yourself educated about drugs an alcohol, learn about the bad effects of alcohol and drugs and
how it can ruin your health and lifestyle
– Be a part of the family, be more involved in family functions, interact with them and follows the
basic family rule
– Have a hobby, Try learning new skills.
– Exercise/ workout

Alcohol is easily available everywhere and attracts youth the most. Not only it is harmful for the youth but for the society as well. It is not hard to avoid drinking and lead a healthy and a productive life. If you as a friend and as a part of the society knows someone who is clueless and needs help, Help them and try to be a part of someones healthy and happy life.

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