The Door

The Door

I am standing outside the door of happiness

Which is now closed and locked

Covered with Spider Web,

No more sound of music and an old man laughing 

No more fragrance of  love and food

No more excitement for summers 

Everything has vanished.


I asked myself  “Where has the love gone? Or was God too blind to see it?”


As soon as I touched the door 

A flash of beautiful memories crossed my mind 

The tear in my eye reminding me the pain 

When the door bid me goodbye. 


Standing in front of the door 

Wishing everything to just come back

Tears may dry up, but my heart will never dry.


But I realised life has it’s own way of teaching and explained myself 

“Maybe this door is closed today, because some other beautiful door is waiting for me”

And I tried to move on…






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Manisha Shewaramani
Positive Attitude, Bold Personality, Creative Mind, Sweet Heart and MODIfied Vision.


  1. Randhir Kaur

    What a positive attitude…the ending is left with a positive thought..lovely way..
    The anguish is very vivid…keep up.

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