Daughter of an unloving mother.

Daughter of an unloving mother.

She wore her red dress that night
Looking so pretty, “just like your mum”
She smiled and sighed.
Looking at her watch she realised, it’s time to go home, the part she has to survive.

Reaching home she was abused of coming so late at night
She ignored it, because she knew that’s not her mom but the alcohol inside.
The next morning “Honey how was the party? Show me pictures and tell me stories, don’t be shy!”
She gave her mom the brightest smile and after the conversation shed a tear alone, because her mom forgot what she said last night.

Trying to keep her brother away from this,giving him the love a mother gives.
She don’t think for herself no more
She just prays for her mom to make it feel like home.

Others are jealous of her, her new clothes, gadets, big house and pretty eyes
But they don’t know she has no one, those eyes cry every night and she is empty from inside.

That’s the story of a daughter of an alcoholic mother, the girl who has forgotten whats it like when your smile touches your eyes.

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Manisha Shewaramani
Positive Attitude, Bold Personality, Creative Mind, Sweet Heart and MODIfied Vision.

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