Staring at her continously

She asked him “What’s wrong?”

He still din’t look away

And made her blush so strong.


Thinking to hold her hand.

But doesn’t know where to start from

Scared he will lose her

If he does anything wrong.


Ready to do anything for her

Just waiting for her to say yes!

“Will always love you and will keep you like a princess”

Are the promises he makes.


Makes her feel so beautiful 

All night and day

Thinking  whats wrong with him

Why isn’t she saying yes?


The greatest crush he has ever had

Don’t want to throw it away 

He is just waiting for the right moment

He knows he will win her someday.




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Manisha Shewaramani
Positive Attitude, Bold Personality, Creative Mind, Sweet Heart and MODIfied Vision.


  1. Randhir Kaur

    Right moment for that golden words. Beautifully expressed n the flow is wonderful. Keep up dear..

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