Though she had never thought this day would come

But she proved out to be really dumb.

She remembers the way they used to laugh and talk all night

And now it was only anger, fuss and fight.

Still she kept it as a secret when days turn bad

As she knew their kids love their dad.

She tried all the possible ways out

To keep this marriage unfought.

Lesser she knew that things will get worst

 Because his man came out and just burst

And all he did was- “ talaq talaq talaq”

She tried to stop him with every single tear of hers

Yet nothing worked as it was against right of hers.

That was the day when she stood up for her rights

To put a ban over the instant pronouncement of talaq thrice.

Finally after years, judgment came in her benefit

And put an end to her sorrows and scars of the dark nights

Triple talaq was  thus declared unconstitutional

Hence she was titled as “INVINCIBLE”.

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