Listen to the silent screams..

Listen to the silent screams..

Books, the one and the only source that can change a person’s mindset forever. Whenever I finish a book, I often face a condition of “book comma” where all I do is talk about the characters, try to feel how they felt when something tragic or something great happened to them. In simple words, for a few days, I live inside the book.
Recently I read ” 13 REASONS WHY” by ” JAY ASHER” and without even committing suicide, I could relate with the mindset of the victim.
Whenever someone takes such step, all we do is star calling them a coward. Sometimes. they leave a note or a message describing why they did it & sometimes, they just leave, without saying anything, with loads of unanswered questions lest behind; without even saying a goodbye, and with the biggest question;WHY?
This book helped me to understand that they are not a coward. They probably would have tried each and every possible way not to think about it, not to do it because they themselves loathe this word, this idea. They probably would have tried to smile, to blend in, to be happy and strong but at the end, they gave up.
Sometimes, “the smallest bruises or cuts hurt more than a huge injury” and that is what exactly happens with them.
What if one day, you go out of your house with an optimist mind, with a feeling to seize the day but when you come back, all you’re filled with is the new cuts. How would you feel and what if this happens everyday?
This made me realize their state of mind when they were about to take this step and all I could conclude that each and every person that has committed suicide  till this very second, didn’t end his life himself, he was murdered.
Yes. murdered. But by whom? And if that person was torturing him, why he did he keep quiet? Why he didn’t complain or told anyone?
Because, just like all the possible things one could do going through that tormenting state, he/she might have tried this too. He might have tried to reach out to us.
His eyes, full of plead to SAVE HIM! His actions shouting out loud to take him out of this quicksand. His appearance, indicating everyone that something is wrong.
But what we do? we kill that ray of last hope too and shut the doors. Till the end, they keep looking for that one person, who would try to recognize the signals and talk; who would shower them with love and support & accept them as the way they truly are. But unfortunately, that doesn’t happen.
But wait, I was talking about the bruises and cuts. What that possibly could be?
Well it is said that ” the sharpest tool a person can behold is his tongue”. The sarcastic comments  made by you or heard in the school or college, the rumors that you’ve spread about her, the feeling of being manipulated  or used, the negligence but others and the worst is loneliness.
These are some of the thousand little bruises.
We are the ones who make them feed upon this slow poison. We are the murderers because we kill their heart, mind and soul first. All they do is sleep, in their body which is  already hollow from inside.

Thinking that some lives matter less than that of the others is the worst problem of the mankind.
I plead you to stop and think once before saying anything as that might put an impact on the person’s life forever. I guess both the readers and writers can understand how powerful words are and how badly they can hurt.
All a person needs is some love and acceptance from us and I don’t think passing a smile to someone and complimenting them; I repeat complimenting them in  genuine way would cost us anything. Yeah that probably would put a smile on someone’s face.
Please look around. There are a number of people who need love and support. Who need someone to listen to their silent loud screams.
Please.. don’t let them go because if they would, you are going to regret it for the rest of your life wishing that if you would have read those signals before, if you had helped.. he/ she might have been alive.

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    • glad you think so. I have lost a relative to suicide, who just left without saying a goodbye, so this article means a lot to me and so does your comment. 🙂

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