hey stranger..happy birthday

hey stranger..happy birthday

Hi stranger..
I am glad that my friend introduced me to you. Our first meet was not so good because even though I don’t like to but I was already judging you & guess what, I didn’t even know your name and the fact that we were in the same school then.
Maybe we both were supposed to happen because we even started sharing a class in 11th grade. But we never had a conversation other than homework & casual “hellos” with a fake smile. To be honest I used to find you quite boring or maybe I used to believe what others used to say about you.

I don’t even understand when and how  did this happen but somehow we came closer and maybe the joke is on me because the one I used to find so boring apparently came out to be a beautiful soul. Trust me, I love to be boring with you. We started hanging out together and I still remember my whole day used to start and end with you because we used to do everything together, even studying boring subjects was fun with you. 
You brought stability to my life and I didn’t even realize how my life started revolving around you.

It is generally said that opposites attract. But I guess it’s a lie. Because all we are looking for is someone who is different from us & yet the same and let me tell you stranger, I found that soulmate in you. Yes, YOU.

You made me feel beautiful. You made me feel like I am perfect. You made it easy for me to pour my heart out and cry, you made me laugh, you gifted me another loving home & a beautiful family, you don’t even know that you’ve done so much for me & no matter what I do for you, it is never going to be enough. 
I want to thank you for not leaving my hand even after looking at my flaws and dark corners. I want to thank you for loving & accepting me the way I am & never asking me to  change, unlike others.  Thank you, for never urging me to fill up the silences & sitting quietly along with me. Thank you, for learning how to be crazy to match my level.Thank you, for always making me feel so special. 
I am glad finally I found someone with whom I can have endless conversations with, from silly stuff to my deepest fears.
It has been 3 years stranger and now you have become an inseparable part of my life.
 Even though we don’t talk much now but whenever we meet, we are still an”US”.

I hope you’ll never leave me. After all you would need someone to approve your future boyfriends (if any). 
and one more thing, I AM YOUR ONLY BEST FRIEND!! don’t you dare forget that. 
happy birthday stranger ( well, not anymore)

love you..

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