5 lessons one can learn from this little insect..

5 lessons one can learn from this little insect..

Last afternoon, I was lying on my bed, trying to find an inspiration & then I noticed a little insect walking on my bed and there it was, my inspiration for this article, a little ant. 
Before dropping it back on the floor I just looked at it and realized that  everything around us teaches us something and inspires us in one way or another, whether it is the wall clock that has stopped working and needs to be repaired or the huge brown teddy bear, sitting in the corner of my room, always smiling at me.
Here is what this little insect can teach us.. 

At one time or another we all would have tried to mess up with an ant thinking that we can just kill it by pressing out thumb firmly on it. But, I guess we all would have noticed that whenever one tries to block an ant’s way, it just turns around & this just not happens once or twice, it keeps happening as long as you are willing to make a ‘hand wall’ in it’s way.
It doesn’t sit there wondering ‘i can’t do this’. Instead, it turns the way back but doesn’t stop moving. 
So, here comes lesson number 1- One should never give up. So what if there is a humongous wall built in front of you, it’s never too late to change your way or take the U-turn.

Ants are probably the most hardworking creature on the planet- a little one though. No matter what happens, ants never stop moving. Unlike humans, ants never procrastinate. Every ant move at its own pace(mostly fast), they sleep as well but they always keep working. 
Have you ever seen a colony of ants standing still? Not moving at all? Well, that would be creepy I guess. 
So here comes another lesson- always work hard & no matter how slow your progress is, make sure you never stop moving, just make sure you move forward though. 

Ants are strong? Well yes. I guess we all are aware of the fact that ants can carry 20 to 50 times more than their actual weight. 

Does their little size matters now? well, I don’t think so because who cares when you’re this strong. 
Therefore, lesson number three- no matter what happens or what everyone else say, size does not matter. What matters is how strong you are from inside. 

If anybody wants a lesson on teamwork, he/she should probably observe some ants.Ants cannot survive if they won’t work as a team. Their existence is totally dependent on each other because this ability helps them to fight adverse conditions. Don’t you think so? Haven’t you read about the fire ants forming a living ‘ant raft’at the time of flood so that they can float on water? Haven’t you noticed them carrying a piece of eatable, or you might have heard about the phenomenon where  ants leave pheromones so that the other ants of the same colony can communicate easily and do not lose their way back home. 

What if one,two,three and so on ants starts withdrawing themselves or stop leaving those pheromones as they move forward? 
Then they all would drown in the water, the piece of eatable would be left there only & no ant would be able to reach back and their colony would collapse. 

 Thus, here comes lesson number four- it is very important to learn and understand teamwork, because just like ants, without teamwork, humans become nothing too. 

Ants definitely know how to fight back. Don’t believe me? Remember the last time you were stung by an ant? Well that was their response to the danger I Guess. Mess with them once and this little insect would make sure that you scream with pain, left with an itchy spot later. 
So.. if hypothetically you’re an ant & the size of your problem is as large as a human, then don’t forget what wonders you can do if you mange to fight back. Just know when and how to attack and where it would hurt problem the most, and that is the fifth lesson. 

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