Unresolved Mysteries

Unresolved Mysteries

We are living in the 21st century, thus are technologically advanced and tend to have a logical explanation of everything happening around us. But there are certain mysteries for which you might have to settle without an explanation.

Presenting to you some of the world’s top mysteries:



The Taos Hum-

Taos is a small town located in north-central Mexico and has been home to some of the famed residents including D.H. Lawrence, Julia Roberts and Dennis Hooper. However, it has garnered international media coverage and attention due to the unexplained phenomenon, known as the Taos Hum. It is reported that almost 2% of the residents have heard the unusual noise but the problem is that everyone gave a different description of that, some described it as a feeble sound, a buzz or a hum. A variety of theories have been proposed, ranging from UFOs to the paranormal, evil to an underground alien base. To record the unexplained sound, the researchers placed highly sensitive sound recording devices inside the home of the people but nothing was ever caught. For now, its explanation has been rugged off by terming it as a hallucination, residents still await a possible explanation.


Easter Island-

Easter Island is located in Polynesia and is a Chilean territory. It is world famous for its nearly 900 monumental statues, known as Moai, having oversized heads and resting on some stone. It has been unclear why the natives, who called themselves Rapa Nui, carved these giant structures out of volcanic rocks. It has been a matter of mystery that how did they actually moved these Moai from one place to another and erected them. Well, theories blaming aliens exists for the construction of these giant Moai.



Loch Ness Monster-

Lake Loch Ness in Scotland has been a site of great interest and has seen lots of tourists flocking in just to have a glimpse of the so-called Loch Ness Monster. Believed to be last seen in 1400, it started catching eyes when in 1933, a family driving their car along the edge of Lake Loch Ness pictured a large beast crossing the road and finally immersing into the deep. However, theories suggest that such a monster from ancient age living today is an unlikely and a vague possibility.



Bermuda Triangle-

It is considered to be the world’s most mysterious area ever in the history of humankind. With explanations ranging from alien abduction to sea monsters, no one was actually able to find the cause of the mysterious sinking of ships and sudden disappearing of planes from the triangle. However, some survivors claimed that there is a time warp existing over there and when they passed through the Bermuda Triangle, they found themselves engulfed in between a stormy cloud and ended up coming several years before into the time of the French Revolution. Several search parties and divers have checked deep down the sea to find no wreckage of the disappeared planes and ships. What may surprise you is that even Christopher Columbus, the person who explored the American continent, was the first person to officially cross the Bermuda Triangle and according to him, he saw fire breaking from heaven and falling into the sea.



Severed Feet on Beach-

Well, who would ever expect to see a washed ashore human feet while taking a stroll along the beach. Since the year 2007, a total of 16 foot has been discovered on coasts of British Columbia which are mainly of the right leg. The disarticulated feet are normally found covered in a shoe and a sock; however, many of them are identified. Since then, a number of hoaxes have been spread all over that area while this incident has gathered a lot of media attention.



SS Ourang Medan-

You may have heard a lot of sea mysteries about ships sinking mysteriously or numerous deaths occurring on the ships and if you are interested in such things, this case might interest you.

In late 1947 or early 1948, a vessel named SS Ourang Medan broadcasted a distress signal signalling the death of the crew to the nearby sailing ships. Responding to the message, an American ship went to check the Dutch vessel and when they didn’t get any reply from the crew of the distressed ship, they sent a group to check in. What was discovered left everyone blind-faced; they saw corpses of the SS Ourang Medan crew lying all over the board with their face fear-stricken and eyes wide-open from horror. Soon after when they tried to pull the ship to shore, it blew off and went deep into the sea. Though there is no official proof of such ship existing in the past!

Well, no one was able to give any substantial proof to these mysteries and much more existing but not covered in this article, there is only one way to find out and that is…

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