TheMost Popular @NMIMS

TheMost Popular @NMIMS

As we have already talked about the main features of NM that make it one of the top most B-school of the country in my previous article (LINK:, you may not know some of the other things that only the students of NM know. So, here we are going to have a glimpse at those “andar ki baatein” …;)

NMIMS+logoMeeting Point-Amar Juice Centre:
Its delicious and mouth-watering food at a reasonable price differs it from other food joints. Either you have to meet someone outside college or want to have some great food to fulfil your desire, this place has surely got your back. Chocolate Shake and Oreo Shake being some of the most preferred things over here!



Naturals Ice Cream:
Who doesn’t loves Ice-cream? Every time is an ice cream time! NM people surely has this as their favourite plus point of studying here. When you’re bored of eating that same Vanilla, Strawberry, Chocolate ice creams, just a few yards away from the NM’s engineering college is situated Naturals Ice Cream and this is the point where most students rush to in order to have their crave calmed down by gobbling on their favourite natural ice cream flavours. The best part of this place is that it offers fruit flavours at a cheap price along with a superb place to eat at.


Hangout Place-Prime Mall:
Known mostly among students for its gaming hubs, this place is not exactly a mall except that it holds some shops that might give you clothes at a cheap rate (THIS IS WHAT MUMBAI MARKETS ARE FAMOUS FOR). You will normally find students playing counter strike or FIFA along with table Pool in the gaming stores.

Public figure-Tapri waale Anna:
Normally, we have a different timetable on all days with college being at 9 or 10 am but on exception, if someone has to come early, he can go to anna and ask him for some masala or cutting chai and poha which is so refreshing that you can sit for the whole lecture without feeling dozy. (SUBSTITUTE FOR RED BULL THOUGH IT DOESN’T GIVES YOU WINGS BUT CAN SURELY MAKE YOUR SLEEP FLY) 😛


Bhaidas Hall:
This is the place where all the festivals and other cultural events of our college are held. A number of exhibitions and some Mumbai events that are not of our college, too are held here where you can get a glimpse of some of the hot munchies of our college. (*winks)




This is how you will scream out for the first time by seeing the gigantic Gujarati community of our college. Their “Aee Bhai! Kem cho? Maja maa” may irritate you initially but after living with them for some more time, you will get to know the pros of being with them (ie… they might give some business tips) 😛
So, this is what makes NM different from other universities. There are some more “andar ki baatein” but let’s leave them inside only since if they will be made public, how will they remain “andar ki baatein”?

PS: I have not written about any lover’s point because In Mumbai, you don’t need a point especially when your college is near Juhu Beach and you have places like movie theatres, clubs, etc. nearby. Who will want to sit and spend time with their partner in college then?

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